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1-2 years total experience in managing product related to consumer web or Mobile applications and Saas-based. Should have a visual aptitude and have some experience in defining user workflows and sketching wireframes. Take full responsibility and ownership of the product, all the way from inception to production. Own the product lifecycle: market, BI and user research, defining wireframes, scope, KPIs and development process. Work closely with top-notch pros in UX, Dev and Marketing to take your product to market. Experience in Google Analytics (GA), Agile, and any kind of user behavior monitoring system. Talk to users and support agents, analyse user data, and conduct usability tests to continually improve the product. Play a key role in the roadmap-building process. Good Communication Skills & Time Management. Must have initiative and leadership qualities, good Interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities. Understand product deadlines. An intelligent and curious professional, always apply innovative thinking to solving any problem. Excellent in teamwork skills. Would be an advantage if previously used to work with complex and/or database-related products.

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